I was at Digital Marketing First today. I was invited by Alexandre Colleau from Belgium-iPhone to participate in a panel discussion about iPhone application development. But the presentation was only at 2PM so I decided to walk around the booths before. And I was very disappointed. After hearing someone from eMakina claiming that you can take your blood pressure just by touching the screen of your iPhone, and seen many email marketing vendors claim that email marketing is the future… well, I was disappointed. And then there was the panel.

The discussion itself was pretty interesting in itself. 9 iPhone developers, from hobbyists to professional, from App Store applications to pure B2B stuff, from highly-successful to eternally rejected VOIP apps… very interesting. But what was really astounding for me was after the presentation: people from the audience litterally jumped on us, asking for business cards, asking questions, talking to us about their projects. Luckily for me, I had prepared a bunch of cards, because I secretly hoped that this participation would lead me to a few project opportunities. But I sincerely didn’t expect the demand for iPhone developers to be so high.

So yes guys: I do iPhone development too! In fact I love it, even better than anything else. It’s fun, innovative, and solves real problems. And even better than that, since I do java development too, I can help you design your whole infrastructure. Ain’t that awesome? And even more: if you need a desktop client that is cross-platform and allows you to reproduce some of the functionalities of your iPhone application, I can do that too.

Anyways. I had the opportunity to talk with very interesting people about very interesting projects and it should lead to a few very interesting freelance missions. What a productive day! And a big thank you to Alexandre Colleau!


Nicolas Daudin · October 23, 2009 at 9:00 am

Good for you!
I didnt know IPhone development was so popular… I should really one then, especially if i want to develop Web apps ;-) (and yes, i was thinking to transfer them also to IPhone, but thats another story!)

Are you planning to go to other IPhone-related events?

And what did you exactly discuss about?


Sébastien · October 23, 2009 at 11:48 am

Given the feedback, I’ll probably attend every iPhone event in Belgium, but I’m afraid there aren’t so many right now. Maybe I will participate in the organization of an event myself.

Basically we discussed about the whole development lifecycle of an iPhone app: why starting such a project, how to design it, develop it, how does tha validation process works, how do we make money. And we also tried to analyze how iPhone apps can be used as a marketing tool.

Nicolas Daudin · October 23, 2009 at 12:24 pm

Interesting. I should definitely attend such an event…

If one day i try to start developing over IPhone, i’ll probably come back to you for initialization details ;-)

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