I’ve seen a lot of job offers lately for Flex developers in London banks (including investment banks like Goldman Sachs this morning). I love Flex development and I’m starting to look for freelancing opportunities around this technology but technology is not everything to me: I also thrive on purpose, I love to work on stuff that matters to me. And the fact that the banking sector seems to be hiring rich internet application developers so much kind of worries me somehow.

Because one of the main interests of technologies like Flex is the quality of data visualization it allows. Now what worries me is that software has already been a major enabler in the subprime crisis, with algorithms able to calculate and mitigate the risks for very complex financial products. Now it’s like they’re saying “OK, let’s do the same shit, but put more human factor in it, so let’s give them more accurate data!”. Now this is just an external impression and maybe I’m wrong about what they’re doing with Flex. But maybe I’m not. Does anyone work with Flex in banking and can tell us what you’re doing with it?

As far as I’m concerned, I’d love to work on a “new energy”-related project, like what Roundarch did for the Tesla Model S. Or I’d love to work for a project like Better Place, or Desertec. I’m sure they could use some modern , productive and good-looking software too. But banking? Hum, not a good option for me until they integrate more human data in their decisions.


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