Apple MacBook Touch On Its Way?

Maybe I see too many things, but I’m currently reading iPhone documentation about Core Data (which is really great stuff by the way), and I came across this comment:

The framework is equally useful as the basis of a vector graphics application such as Sketch or a presentation application such as Keynote.

Now I know quite a lot of Mac applications, but I’ve never heard of anything called Sketch! Especially not in Apple portfolio, and it only makes sense they take their own apps as examples in their documentation.

Now combine it with this Apple tablet rumor that’s been going around for a while, and it makes even more sense to see a Sketch app added to iWork. Now don’t you see things coming together too?

OK, I just googled a little further and it seems that Sketch has been a demo app for XCode for quite a while. But still, wouldn’t that be great?

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