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I just read this amazing article by Semyon Dukach and all I can say is that it really reinforced one of the values I want to put in my new project. But since I wrote my first post about it, I realized there is another one that is even more important to me (like all one-more-thing‘s are, right?). But instead of just adding it to the list, I want to take the opportunity to rephrase all of those values a little bit, agile-manifesto-style!

  • Being rich by what you realize over valuing yourself by what you own
  • Bringing progress to the world over protecting markets
  • Intelligence of the crowd over over “wisdom” of the expert
  • Investing in value creation over growth potential
  • Focusing on well-identified problems over imagining all the solutions in the world

And last but not least:

  • Turning your dreams into projects over dreaming about projects.

But contrary to what they say in the Agile Manifesto, I see no value in the items on the right.

Now all I have to do is to initiate this thing, bootstrap it so that it’s easier for others to create companies with those values at heart.

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