I attended an excellent conference today in Gent university, which was part of Adobe Flex 3 pre-release tour. And even though neither James Ward nor Serge Jespers gave a precise date for the official release, Serge gave us a hint saying that it was the pre-release tour, and that it would end some day. So giving that the last date for the tour is February, 7th in Saint Louis, and assuming that Adobe is perfectly aware of the fact that you don’t release or announce anything on a Friday or Monday, my guess is for Tuesday, February 12th.

Now beside that sort of announcement effect clearly meant to attract some traffic to my blog ;o) I have to congratulate people who organized this event in Gent. And for those who really don’t know what Flex is, or are just too conservative to care, let me just reaffirm that this technology is huge and you should really have a look.


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