On Friday night, when I came home from the office, I had a very big dilemma to sort out: I wanted to save money for the iPhone, but there was this Leopard thing that was nagging at me and… well, I cracked! I jumped into my car and at 6:00 PM, I was in front of the FNAC entrance in City 2, hoping that there would not be a long queue. And there wasn’t any!


 Actually, it was so easy to get it into my hands, that I added another one: iLife’08. When it came out, I thought that it might be bundled up with Leopard, but since Steve didn’t do it, I bundled it myself, and BOOM (that’s what he said), I’m lighter of 210€.

So on Friday, when I came back home for the second time, guess what I spent my night on! Yes, I know, geeky… At first, I tried just to upgrade my existing system, but when I booted on Leopard’s DVD, it could never see my internal hard drive. After a few disk repairs and authorization fixing, it still couldn’t find it. I guess I have messed up with my partitions with all those bootcamp reinstallations. Nevermind, I took the opportunity to back up my whole stuff and do a fresh install. So I booted on Tiger’s DVD to erase my main disk, then I used Leopard’s DVD to install it. And I can tell you something: those minutes when he checks the integrity of the DVD are really a pain, because after that, it’s all just grace and wow!

Now I’ve been running Leopard (and iLife’08) for about 36 hours, and let me tell you it’s awesome. As they said everywhere, it’s not a revolution, but it’s definitely a nice evolution. It seems faster, UI look and feel is more consistent, the whole space thing is very neat, the new dock is cool and I’m so happy not having to worry about backing up anymore.

The only thing that really REALLY pisses me off, is the absence of Java 6 !!! I mean, Steve, my friend Steve, Steve my idol, could you please stop denigrating Java like that! First, you dismiss Cocoa Java API, then you don’t bundle Java in your iPhone, and now you remove your developer preview of Java 6 and there’s just no Java 6 SDK on Leopard. Come on!!! Come to JavaPolis this year, come to the stage and look at the audience, appreciate all those glowing apples in the darkness. You have a new community to satisfy, and you can’t just deny the fact that there are so many Java developers out there compared to Objective-C people. There’s something wrong in your attitude, I’m sure you must be up to something, otherwise… Otherwise nothing! I won’t leave my Mac anyway… But still!!!

The funny thing is that the fact I was willing to pay 210€ for software like that, me, a big Open Source advocate, made me think about software economic models. Maybe it will be the topic of a post to come…

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